About haven a boutique

Let me share our little story...​

I opened haven a boutique in Oct 2016 because I’d finally found a great little town to call home…Woodland!

Originally from northern California, career afforded me the opportunity to live all over the country and when a wonderful friend introduced me to my husband, who was from Woodland - life fell into place like never before. Through exploration of figuring out that next chapter in life and wanting to put my experience into play - so many people and places merged and the perfect little location on Fabulous First St. became my new journey!​

Having lived in the retail world (for let’s just say decades), I enjoyed working with world-renowned fashion, beauty, and technology brands. Nothing warms my heart more than creating the most authentic and genuine experience for a client. ​To me, fashion has always been personal, unique and, more importantly, a way to express all that we are and how we feel! So I say - HAVE FUN WITH IT!

​My vision for haven a boutique is to specialize in unique, authentic style for authentic women. We would love for you to try on outfits you would never consider!

How about calling us for a fitting room appointment? Meaning, if you’re in the mood to shop and want us to get a fitting room together for you within 30 minutes, we can do that!​I love mixing styles and brands from local as well as global designers. Much of our jewelry is designed by a small business owner/artist who creates unique pieces from the heart.